Emergency Dental Care

If it is life-threatening situation, CALL 911

Urgent Dental Care*

Do you have an Urgent Dental Matter? Do you have dental Pain?
Dr. Park, Dr. Auyeung, and Dr. Lee are on-call and ready to help.

The first step is to find out why, the treatment plan and how much it cost.

There are many causes to dental pain. Some common causes are a broken tooth, a cavity that spread to the inside of the tooth or a dental infection. Taking the first steps to eliminate pain is to get the tooth examined and diagnosed by a professional and trustworthy dentist.

We offer emergency dental services during our normal business hours. If you call outside our normal business hours or we are unable to answer the call, please leave a message. We will return your call and get you in the office as soon as possible.

Cost of a Dental Emergency

The fees associated with an emergency dental visit follow the same financial/payment policy as our other normal fees. You can find more information in our financial pages or reach out to us if you have questions.

When should you call us?

Are your teeth Sensitive to hot or cold food/drinks? Is your tooth Cracked or Broken? Do you feel Pain? Did you Injury your tooth lips or gums? Did you Loose a Filling or Crown? Do you need a Root Canal? Are your Wisdom Teeth Hurting?

At Ingleside Dental, our dentists focus on comfort and long term results. A fast diagnosis increases the chance of saving the tooth. Infections, chips and fractures can affect the tissue inside and around the tooth which may cause additional problems in the future.

Call us now or book online your emergency toothache appointment. Phone (415) 333-4232*

*Emergency Appointments are seen during business hours. Hours are subject to change without notice.

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